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Attorney David C. Dixon, Esq.

History Of Feeney & Dixon

The firm of Feeney & Dixon, LLC, began with the formation of Scangarella & Sosland, Esqs., in 1964, by founding partners, Frank Scangarella, Esq. & Karl Sosland, Esq. John Feeney, Esq., joined the firm as a partner in 1973, and the firm was known as Scangarella, Sosland & Feeney, Esqs. for a brief period of time, until 1975, when founder Karl Sosland, Esq., moved on to form another firm.

The firm was thereafter known as Scangarella & Feeney, Esqs., until 1976, when Lawrence Katz, Esq., joined the firm as a partner, with the name changing to Scangarella, Feeney & Katz, Esqs.

In 1980, Lawrence Katz, Esq. moved on to form another firm, and the name reverted to Scangarella & Feeney, Esqs. for almost 20 years. In 1999, Frank Scangarella, Esq. retired from the firm, and David C. Dixon, Esq. joined the firm as a partner, briefly known as Scangarella, Feeney & Dixon, Esqs., and converted to a Limited Liability Partnership form in 2000 (Scangarella, Feeney & Dixon, LLP).

In 2004, the firm moved to 512 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ, and adopted its new name, Feeney & Dixon, LLP. In 2018, following the retirement of Founder/Partner John Feeney, Esq., the firm was converted to a limited liability company form (Feeney & Dixon, LLC), with David C. Dixon, Esq. serving as Managing Member.

In 2020, the firm moved to its present offices, located at 620 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ.