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Do You Need To Appeal Your Real Property Tax Assessment?

At Feeney & Dixon, LLC, our attorneys have litigated and settled hundreds of residential and commercial tax appeals, County Tax Board and NJ Tax Court matters for residential & commercial property owners throughout New Jersey, and have saved our clients substantial amounts in real property taxes.

Fair Market Value Vs. Assessed Value

Look closely at the most recent Notice of Property Tax Assessment you have received from your municipality. Please note that the “Assessed Value”, shown there is not necessarily equivalent to the “Fair Market Value”, and it often represents a mere fraction of the true, fair market value of your home!

For example, if your town assesses your property at $300,000, but the average ratio of assessed to true value is 50%, they are really placing a fair market value of approximately $600,000 on the property.

Is Your Property Tax Assessment Correct?

If you have not filed a tax appeal within the past few years, or if it has been several years since your town undertook a revaluation, your assessment—and thus your real property taxes – may be too high.

Under New Jersey law, a taxpayer feeling aggrieved by the assessed valuation of real property may appeal the assessment to either the County Tax Board or the New Jersey Tax Court. In order to bring an appeal, a petition must be filed with your County Tax Board or the New Jersey Tax Court, no later than April 1st.

Experience With Hundreds Of Tax Appeals

Feeney & Dixon, LLC, has successfully litigated or settled hundreds of tax appeals on residential & commercial properties just like yours. Over the past several years, we filed hundreds of successful appeals for many homeowners and commercial property owners and achieved significant tax assessment reductions for our clients. We have handled tax matters in numerous forms, including:

  • Residential tax appeals
  • Commercial tax appeals
  • County Tax Board hearings
  • NJ Tax Court cases

We work closely with real estate appraisers and other real estate professionals and have extensive experience handling these types of matters. We can help you determine the most cost-effective method to resolve your property tax disputes.

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Contact our office to schedule an initial consultation – whether in-person or via ZOOM video conferencing – to explore the possibility of filing a tax appeal. We have the experience you need to effectively deal with your appeal for real property tax assessments. Call our Pompton Plains office at 973-839-5100 to make an appointment or use our online contact form.